Eta Sadar Breznik

Eta Sadar Breznik

After graduating from the University of Ljubljana Faculty of Architecture, she dedicated herself completely to weaving and studying textile art. She spent study periods at the Academy of Fine Arts in Ļódz, Poland, with Professor Alexandra Manczak. Since 1978 her works have been displayed at several individual and selected group exhibitions of textile art in Europe, Asia and the USA. They have also been included in several public collections and professional reviews of global achievements in the field of textile arts. Eta Sadar Breznik was awarded the bronze medal at the Beauvais International Tapestry Festival in 1996, and the Slovene national prize, the Prešeren Fund Award in 1998. 
Eta Sadar Breznik’s woven three-dimensional objects originate from modern tapestry, taking only its basic material and technique, thread and weaving. Incorporating colourful, transparent bodies into various spaces creates new solutions in the fine arts. Under light, the colourfully intense, interwoven fields create illusions and lose their material existence. The tactility of silk threads invites us to create new experiences, since we can create our own visual conceptions by the slightest instinctive touch.
In her most recent works, the former lightness and the seeming simplicity of suspended transparent thread, caught in narrow straps with thicker structure, are replaced by strong, structured woven fabric, made of thread of various thickness and materials, which creates the effect of textile floating in space, twisted in single or double twirl. With a thoughtful installation and illumination, the colourfulness and the untameable dynamics are further intensified.

Biographical data
1950 – born in Ljubljana. 
After graduation at the Faculty of Architecture in Ljubljana she continued her education and training at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lodž, Poland.
Her field of work includes hand weaving of three dimensional objects and textile, and interior design. 

Notable awards

Designers Society of Slovenia Award for the group Exhibition The Power of Thread, Ljubljana, 2010
- Bronze medal at the »Festival International de la Tapisserie et de l'Art da la Fibre« Beauvais, France, 1996 
- Prešeren Fund Award, Ljubljana, Slovenia,1998.

Selected independent exhibitions
- Cankarjev dom, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 1997
- Galerija Ars, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2007
- Galerija Kresija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2009

Selected group exhibitions
- 6th international textile exhibition, Kyoto, Japan, 1999
- 5th international tapestry and fibre art festival, Beauvais, France, 2002
- 11th international tapestry triennial, Lodž, Poland, 2004
- Re:Design Europe, Berlin, Germany, 2005


Exhibited works 
Flying carpets, 2009, weaving, viscose and synthetic thread, metal wire 

Maja Kržišnik, art historian

Photography Anda Klančič, Blaž Zupančič