Ksenija Baraga

Ksenija Baraga

From moč niti

A painter by education, Ksenija Baraga connects her knowledge in fine arts with the use of classical and inventive techniques of weaving, crochet and embroidery in an expressive, unique and personal manner. Drawing on the idea, which is followed in the creative process by thread or fibre, and intertwining various materials and techniques, either classical or completely original and inventively adapted to the purpose, she creates poetical, small and large textile compositions and objects. 
Her works interweave echoes of moments, images and natural forms – abstract and intertwined with personal critical thinking and relation to life. 
The reification of creative concepts and forms of communication first became evident in her work in the series of objects: clothes-sculptures and hat-sculptures. Their colourful and monochromatic surfaces, structured in laced and interlaced thread structures allow the exchanging of light and shadow, sharpness and tenderness, and produce the illusion created by the transformation of time. The author’s ability to incorporate herself into the created object maintains the illusion of the “second skin”, which is lost the moment we try to ascribe applicability to it. With the objects she has created in recent years, she continues developing her ideas, intertwining them with various materials and going beyond the boundaries of the expected.

Ksenija Baraga has had several much-noted individual exhibitions; she has also participated in several group exhibitions and the selected exhibition of the Designers Society of Slovenia, where she is the head of the Unique Design Section.  

Biographical data
- 1960 – born in Ljubljana
- 1986 – graduated in painting from the Academy of Fine Arts in Ljubljana
She is active in the field of unique and industrial textile design, illustration and exhibition installation design.

Designers Society of Slovenia Award for the group Exhibition The Power of Thread, Ljubljana, 2010

Selected individual exhibitions

- Le Petit Festival, Dubrovnik, Croatia, 2006
- Involved, Mestna galerija, Ljubljana, Slovenia, 2000
- What is going around my head?, art hats exhibition, ARS gallery, Ljubljana, 1996

Selected group exhibitions
- Re:Design Europe, Berlin, Germany, 2005
- Visages de la Slovénie, Cahors, France, 2005 
- International tapestry triennial, Łódź, Poland, 2007


Exhibited works
Textile objects Thoughts of thread 1996-2010, mixed media, natural and synthetic threads 

Maja Kržišnik, art historian

Photography Dragan Arrigler, Anda Klančič, Radovan Jenko